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Post-doctoral Research Opportunity at the Sala Lab

The Global Drylands Center (GDC), the Extremes Focal Area and the Sala Lab are seeking a postdoctoral research scholar to lead two types of complementary activities. The postdoctoral research scholar will contribute to synthesis activities within the Global Drylands Center and the Extremes Focal Area in close collaboration with the Director, the Executive Committee and GDC-Extremes members. Synthesis activities will…

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What influences seedling establishment of encroaching species?

Luis Weber, a second year Environmental Life Sciences PhD student in the Sala lab, is in his second field season at the Jornada LTER. Luis’ research is a part of the USDA-AFRI project focusing on exotic grass and woody plant encroachment. Specifically, Luis focuses on the seedling establishment phase by asking “How do precipitation and herbivory interact to influence the probability…

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A new field season and a new look!

We are celebrating a fresh look for our new website with some updates from the field! Summer field season 2017 has kicked off already, starting April 2017, at the Konza Prairie LTER. The Konza Prairie serves as our mesic site for our Above/Belowground Partitioning project. With over 150 plots among three sites, graduate and undergraduate students along with our post-doc and techinician…

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