Category: Global Drylands Center

A global synthesis quantifies the effect of an understudied dimension of climate change

This new Sala Lab publication¬†in Global Change Biology addresses the influence of drylands on the global carbon cycle under climate change conditions. Using a data synthesis approach, Lau Gherardi and Osvaldo Sala reached robust conclusions. Although projections of climate change anticipating increases in precipitation variability and extreme events are part of the public and scientific narrative, the effects of inter-annual…

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Osvaldo Sala talks Drylands 101 on In The Green Room

Check out Osvaldo’s appearance on In The Green Room! In The Green Room is a local radio show dedicated to discussing and encouraging sustainable practices. You can listen to Osvaldo’s segment here (Ep. 52) starting at 14:45, where he talks all about drylands, what they are, where you can find them, and how we can spread the word about sustainability…

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Forecasting dryland vulnerability for the Department of Defense

A multi-disciplinary team from Arizona State University, U.S. Geological Survey, New Mexico State University, University of Arizona and Utah State University will carry out research to inform the management of Department of Defense drylands in the western U.S. The newly-funded proposal will investigate the interactive effects of climate change and disturbance on vegetation communities and ecosystem processes across three large…

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