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New Rainfall Manipulation Paper

Congratulations Laureano on your new paper just published in Ecosphere!! This paper reports on a new system that alters precipitation for experimental plots from 80% reduction to 80% increase relative to ambient, is low cost, and is fully solar powered. This two-part system consists of a rainout shelter that intercepts water and sends it to a temporary storage tank, from…

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A recent article “Water controls on nitrogen transformations and stocks in an arid ecosystem” led by Lara Reichmann (see Publications) and published in Ecosphere showed novel interactions between water availability and nitrogen cycling. Net nitrogen mineralization was insensitive to changes in water availability but plant uptake was not. Consequently, mineral nitrogen accumulated under dry conditions because the mineralization was not…

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New Paper

A recent paper published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society PDF developed theory of regional and temporal controls of aboveground net primary production and tested hypotheses using existing long-term data. Legacies revealed by the association of current- versus previous-year conditions through the temporal series occur across all ecosystem types from deserts to mesic grasslands. Therefore, previous-year precipitation and…

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