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Congratulations to Laureano Gherardi on earning his PhD! Lau’s dissertation, titled “The Effects of Interannual Precipitation Variability on the Functioning of Grasslands,” was accepted with his defense in November. Lau will now be continuing his work for the Sala Lab as a post-doctoral researcher.


We welcome Laura Yahdjian to the Sala Lab. Laura is a visiting professor from the University of Buenos Aires who works in grassland ecosystems. She has carried out important work on water controls on decomposition and nitrogen cycling in arid ecosystems. She is currently interested on the effects of land use on greenhouse-gas emissions. During her stay at ASU, Laura…

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We welcome Josh Haussler to the Sala Lab. Josh recently has been accepted as a graduate student at ASU in the Environmental Life Sciences program. He has been part of the lab for several years and for several campaigns in the Chihuahuan Desert. We are looking forward to sharing with him many more fun times in the coming years.

Welcome José Andón

Welcome José Andón to the Sala Lab. He joined our lab last month and  will be working on the project Woody-plant encroachment: Degradation or a shift in the portfolio of ecosystem services?. This is a project supported by National Academies Keck Future Initiatives.