Current Graduate Students

Luis Weber
Ph.D. Student 

Luis joined the Sala Lab in fall 2016 as a Ph.D. student in the Environmental Life Sciences program. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras Campus in 2015. Luis is interested in woody plant encroachment, climate change and plants responses to changes in their environment, for which he has done related research on a variety of ecosystems like Siberian Arctic Tundra (Woods Hole Research Center), Tropical Wetlands and Tropical Dry Forest (CATEC – UPRRP). Currently Luis is expanding his research curiosity toward Desert Ecosystems. He is interested in how precipitation and herbivory interacts to affect the probability of seedlings establishment of woody plants and non-native grasses in a native-dominated grassland at the Jornada Experimental Range (Chihuahan Desert).

Aaron Boydston
M.S. Student 

Aaron joined the Sala lab in fall of 2015 as a Master’s student in Biology program in the school of life sciences.  He received his Bachelors in Ecology and Conservation Biology at ASU in 2014.  Aaron is excited about carbon sequestration and carbon sinks. With soils being one of the largest carbon sinks, he is interested in how proper grazing management can increase carbon stock in grassland soils.

Amy Wiedenfeld
M.S. Student

Amy joined the Sala lab in the fall of 2016 as a Masters student in Biology. She finished her BA in biology at Bryn Mawr College in May 2016. She is interested in ecosystem responses to climate change and researches below-ground responses, such as food web dynamics and net primary production, to changes in precipitation.



Svenja Wagner
M.S. Student

Svenja will be joining the Sala lab in the fall of 2017 as a Master’s student the School of Sustainability. With a background in high school science education and a B.S. in Conservation Ecology from New Mexico State University, she is excited to be learning more about ecosystem responses to climate change.