Courtney Currier
Lab Manager

Courtney began work as a research technician for the Sala Lab in the fall of 2015. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.S. in Environmental Sciences and received her M.S. in Biology from Arizona State University. Her research experiences include aquatic biogeochemistry in stream ecosystems and ecological stoichiometry of freshwater zooplankton. In the Sala lab, she assists with several different projects related to the effects of long-term changes in a semi-arid grassland. She also coordinates data management and the Jornada location for Drought-Net.

Kay Vasley
Operations Specialist

Kay joined the Sala Lab in 2017 as the Operations Specialist for the Global Drylands Institute.



Maritza Sandoval Aguilar
Volunteer Staff

Maritza started volunteer work in the Sala Lab in the spring of 2017. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering in 2013 and obtained her M.S. in Natural Resources in 2016 from the Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora in Mexico. She is interested in evaluating the carbon cycle under different ecosystem pressures and the factors that control it under the context of climate change. This is why she worked with carbon soil pools and fluxes (i.e. soil respiration, organic matter and carbon and nitrogen percent), microbial activity, and decomposition processes in sites of ecological succession in a Tropical Dry Forest (Sierra de Alamos). She wants to learn different techniques to evaluate the ecosystem response to climate change in dry ecosystems. Because of this, she is technically supporting different projects in the Sala lab.