From ecosystem ecology, rainout shelters, and woody plant encroachment…

…to biocrusts, cattle cams, K-12 education, and rodent community dyanmics – Sala Lab learns all about what is happening at the Jornada Basin LTER!

From July 10-13, the 9 Sala Lab members attended the 2017 Jornada LTER meeting to learn all about ongoing research in the basin. This symposium engaged attendees from 6+ universities with over 30 talks, a field trip to visit two different ongoing experiments, and a barbecue hosted at the ranch headquarters. Osvaldo led one portion of the field trip to share insights from our long term precipitation manipulation experiments. Additionally, we heard talks from our post-doc Lau Gherardi, and current Sala Lab students Luis Weber and Amy Wiedenfeld. Check out the Jornada LTER website to learn more about the other projects occurring there!


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