Author: Em Gonzalez

Scott Collins in Functional Ecology

In a novel approach, Scott Collins et. al. have recently published a paper in Functional Ecology on how drought & post-drought periods affect plant communities. Factors such as seed size, precipitation periods, and dominant species of certain grasslands were considered. Read the entire paper here.

Nature Sustainability | Supplying ecosystem services on US rangelands

Scenarios are an extraordinary tool to communicate current scientific understanding and connect with decision-makers. Osvaldo Sala Dr. Osvaldo Sala recently published in Nature Sustainability on the future of rangelands, and how scenario planning can affect our future. Read more about how scenarios can impact decision-makers, and ultimately, the future of rangelands. Read the entire publication here!

Break into the Semester with a publication featuring Scott Collins

Infrastructure to factorially manipulate the mean and variance of precipitation in the field Dr. Scott Collins, along with additional contributors, published an article in Ecosphere regarding how they have implemented the first experiment to reduce the precipitation mean while simultaneously increasing the variance of interannual precipitation in a way that captures the stochastic nature of climate variability. Follow the link…

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Summer Reading | Drought Recovery & Grasslands

High below-ground bud abundance increases ecosystem recovery from drought across arid and semiarid grasslands Dr. Scott Collins and others recently published an article in the Journal of Ecology regarding a study on the reproduction patterns of arid and semiarid plants. Read the entire article to learn more about the relationship between the two, as well as a breakdown of how…

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