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New PNAS Paper

Congratulations to Laureano Gherardi on his recently published paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences! Check out his paper on the effects of precipitation variability on grass- and shrub-productivity. Most studies on climate change impact focus on the effects of changes in the amount of precipitation in a system, overlooking the effects of interannual variability in precipitation. This 6-year study…

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Welcome new Sala Lab members

Welcome Aaron Boydston and Courtney Currier to the Sala Lab. Aaron, a new Master’s student, and Courtney, the new research technician, both joined our lab this fall. Aaron’s research will focus on how proper grazing management can increase carbon storage in semi-arid grassland soils. During the month of October, Courtney was introduced to the Sala Lab field sites, including the Jornada LTER in the…

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Ecosystem Services Paper

Check our paper on ecosystem services just published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Ecosystem services have been extensively studied in recent decades. Most of the thousands of scholarly papers published on the subject have focused on describing the production, spatial extent, and valuation of such services. Human reliance on ecosystem services is a function of ecosystems’ capacity to supply…

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Congratulations to Laureano Gherardi on earning his PhD! Lau’s dissertation, titled “The Effects of Interannual Precipitation Variability on the Functioning of Grasslands,” was accepted with his defense in November. Lau will now be continuing his work for the Sala Lab as a post-doctoral researcher.